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Josh and Family

This story made me put down my cereal and CRY!! Buckets and buckets, it just ripped my heart out! This little boy is so very special and this disease so incredibly terrible. Maybe it's because I am a mother and couldn't even imagine my girls with this horrendous disease, maybe it's because I am a Massage Therapist and I fully understand what is going on with this little man and the pain he must be going through....maybe it's just a really really unfair thing to have happened to such a sweet innocent child.


Please take a look at this video....go visit the website and please, please....pray for him, his family and for the research to move forward quickly before Josh's time runs out. Pray for God to strenthen this little man, ease his pain and bring him and his family much much joy! Send money if you can...lots of it....if you have it, if not...send your well wishes..any and all you can!!

My Pastor on Sunday preached about "Frivolous Generosity"...this would qualify for that hands down!! Let's be generous with our love, prayers, finances, support of any kind for this little precious child and his family...all of who are going through so much pain.

Here is Josh's Website....Bingo For A Cure...PLEASE visit and please please pass this info on to a friend or two...come on blogger world...we are such a huge, powerfully connected network....spread the word to help this child and to further the research. WE MUST FIND A CURE FOR THIS DISEASE!!!

Ultimate Recipe Swap

Yay!! Fall is coming, fall is coming! I only have a few days left till October 1 when I pull out all my fall decorations; pumpkins, gourds, candles, figurines, dried arrangements ect... and start baking, cooking and of course eating all those wonderful recipes that we all keep until "winter" weather sets in. Now, we don't have much "winter" weather here in Southern does get "chili". :-)

I thought I would start joining Ultimate Recipe Swap on Thursdays so here is my first recipe. Why not join us??!! One can never have too many shoes or too many recipes!

The first recipe to come to mind is one I have made and morphed over the years...Cowboy Chili. I hope you like it as much as my family does...serve with cornbread, crackers, bread, or over baked potatoes or chips. It's all good!

Cowboy Chili

6-8 slices bacon, cooked crisp
1 large yellow onion, sliced
1/2 C. chopped green pepper (or red)
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 1/2-2 lbs. ground beef
2 Cans tomatoes, crushed
1 tsp salt
3/4 tsp pepper
1 TBSP chili powder (or more to suit your taste)
1 Can whole kernel corn, drained
1 Can kidney beans, drained
2 C. cubed, pared potatoes

Cook bacon until crisp, drain and set aside. Saute onion, peppers, garlic in bacon drippings until tender, add ground beef and cook till well browned. Add tomatoes, salt, pepper and chili powder; cover and simmer 30 minutes. Add vegetables; simmer 15-20 minutes. Sprinkle with bacon. Serve with cheese, sour cream, extra onions, ect...

This is a wonderful chili, and it only gets better after a day or two in the refrigerator. Can also be stored well in the freezer. Very hearty!!


Menu Planning Monday

Okay, I give in. I have been limping along for weeks and I think I finally got my act together enough to join in Menu Planning Monday. be really really honest, I plan on Sunday for the coming week. :-) Here you go:

Monday: Crock-pot Peking Pork Chops with wild rice and green beans and carrots.
Tuesday: Speghetti with Italian sausages and peppers, green salad.
Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas, rice and beans.
Thursday: Leftover Buffet.
Friday: Out to dinner for my husbands birthday.
Saturday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas.
Sunday: Roast Chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots.

We will see how this goes. Thanks to all that inspire me. Organizing Junkie and a Year of Slow Cooking (I do a crock pot meal at least once a week sometimes more!), and many others. I will post their buttons/links soon so you too can join the meal planning freedom/craze!

Happy Monday all!!

Oh why not...technical!! One more for the road....


Have a laughter filled day yall!!

Gotta Laugh Day!

Gotta laugh today folks!! I am thinking way to much, over thinking over analysing and over stressing!! In my head way way too much, sooooo.....let's laugh! Another fellow blogger clued me into this gentleman and man...funnnnny!!

Here you go, and parents maybe we should re-think this prayer at night?? Just a thought:

And how about a few more just for good measure...we gots to laugh till we pee our pants!! :-)

Maybe a little cross-stitching...needlework on a pillow will help our mood??

And let's laugh till we kick the CAN....hahaha!

Oh MY GOSH!! okAY...LET'S EAT!!...a little extra strawberries please ;-)

Okay...were done...ya'll laugh good??!!

Getting Organized

Boy! I am on a mission!!! Organization has been my main goal for over a week now and I am still going strong. First it started with meal planning. How many of us just can't stand...okay, let's be honest, HATE to come home and think, think, think of something to make for dinner and it's already so late...and it's later yet when you finally sit down to eat. And how exhausted are you by then? And your evening has slipped away from much for rest and relaxation after a long day of working. So, hence meal planning. Plan out your families favorite meals, check those ads, clip those coupons...all on one day (I pick Monday or Tuesday-Ads come out on Tuesdays)and plan out your shopping trip. Go once that week (or every 2)and be done with it, post on fridge you are done. TA DA!!

Next list: That ever changing proverbial family calendar. Dry erase calendar on fridge updated monthly. Great!! You have to know where everyone needs to be and when.

Next list: Dry erase chore chart. Make that list, everyone knows what they are suppose to do and when. No more griping, whining,'s on the board....repeat, "It's on the board!"

Then in my surfing this morning, after my morning devotional, I found several lists on (yes, I am a closet Martha Stewart dirty little secret) lists for daily, weekly, monthly cleaning (good for my oldest daughter who will be going off to college soon) and lists for making cool kits like kitchen cleaning kit and stain removal kits. Go check her site out!!

Lists, lists, lists....have you made yours today??!!

Live, Love, Laugh and......CRY??

Yes, into our lives tears must come. Our bodies and souls way of releasing excess emotion??!! I think so. As I start this morning by observing tears of a loved one I am reminded through my bible reading that God is our fortress and our strength. But I am reminded to be a prayer warrior yet again for those I love...I will march around and around the fortress proclaiming the name of the Lord.....won't you join me today?? Who or What needs your prayers...your support this morning?? Your husband, kids, family, friends, co-workers??
March on ladies.....

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