Getting Organized

Boy! I am on a mission!!! Organization has been my main goal for over a week now and I am still going strong. First it started with meal planning. How many of us just can't stand...okay, let's be honest, HATE to come home and think, think, think of something to make for dinner and it's already so late...and it's later yet when you finally sit down to eat. And how exhausted are you by then? And your evening has slipped away from much for rest and relaxation after a long day of working. So, hence meal planning. Plan out your families favorite meals, check those ads, clip those coupons...all on one day (I pick Monday or Tuesday-Ads come out on Tuesdays)and plan out your shopping trip. Go once that week (or every 2)and be done with it, post on fridge you are done. TA DA!!

Next list: That ever changing proverbial family calendar. Dry erase calendar on fridge updated monthly. Great!! You have to know where everyone needs to be and when.

Next list: Dry erase chore chart. Make that list, everyone knows what they are suppose to do and when. No more griping, whining,'s on the board....repeat, "It's on the board!"

Then in my surfing this morning, after my morning devotional, I found several lists on (yes, I am a closet Martha Stewart dirty little secret) lists for daily, weekly, monthly cleaning (good for my oldest daughter who will be going off to college soon) and lists for making cool kits like kitchen cleaning kit and stain removal kits. Go check her site out!!

Lists, lists, lists....have you made yours today??!!


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